Eyebrow Designing Boca Raton

Eyebrow Design and Microblading is our specialty Service in Boca Raton. Wafa Brows knows the power of your brows being just right! Eyebrow Designing is an art form that makes or breaks your look! Average eyebrows should simply not be acceptable, you deserve the BEST!


Designing Regular Price $100

Current Promotions:

Brow lamination (includes design and tint)$120
Threading $45
Waxing $45
Tint With Design $10
Tint Only $15

Micro-Blading 3D Eyebrows

Enhance your eyebrows with our specialty service Micro Blading! Micro Blading is a form of semi-permanent tattooing in which we draw natural looking hair-strokes to mimic a perfect set of eyebrows. Boca Raton Micro Blading 3D Eyebrows procedure can benefit any and everybody. Check out our gallery to see how this can enhance your look!


Regular Price $1800
Current Promotions $850
We are Microblading Specialists

Our Microblading Method

Through experience we’ve created our own method of microblading! We’ve been extremely humble about it for a long time but after seeing it performed the wrong way time after time and people coming to us to fix their previously done “microblading,” we decided it’s time to start educating on how this should be done. We want to help people as much as possible to avoid a disaster on your FACE! There is no room for mistakes!

Many people shy away from microblading because it looks unnatural, dark, fades to a different color, scars the skin.. the list goes on! It’s unvelievable what we have seen when people come to us to “fix” their previous microblading.

Through experience and through God working through our hands to enhance other’s lives, we’ve revolutionized microblading!

With designing: we do not believe in stencils! Wafa Brows does not believe in measurements! And we do not believe in tools to measure! We freehand the design on your face. This alone takes us 1-2 hours. This is your FACE and it requires extreme patience to work with!

Why do measurements not work? The two sides of the face are completely different, as they should be! And I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase- eyebrows are sisters not twins, but also not cousins. Sometimes one side of the face is more droopy, one eye is higher than the other, one eyebrow muscle is bigger/puffier/stronger than the other, one side of the face is wider or longer than the other.. etc. There is so much to take in to account! The different angles, your expressions when you talk- as eyebrows carry your entire expression! Every face requires different points and a different design in order to make your beauty POP!

After the design comes the microblading. We have discovered a way of microblading where you will not be able to tell which hair is yours and which is microbladed! When our clients see the results they are amazed because even they cannot tell which hair is real and which is microbladed! Microblading should look NATURAL, not like a tattoo!

When getting microblading we never ask the client which color pigment they want because the client does not know! The pigment does not look the same in the bottle vs. on the skin and each pigment will look different on each client because we are all so unique! We always match your eyebrow hairs so there is no difference between your real brows and your microbladed brows! A seamless blend between your hair and the microbladed hair is our secret.

Our microblading is semi-permanent and will slowly lighten as your skin exfoliates over time! It will never turn red/green/blue etc. It will never leave a visible scar! It will slowly disappear until there is no remaining pigment and will look as if you’ve never had anything done! Clients typically need a touch up every six months the first year or two and then it will only become necessary to touch up once a year! The beauty of microblading is the softness of it! As a client you should not be shopping for what’s going to last you longest without needing a touch up because that just means it is taking away from the softness of the tattoo therefore making it more visible and obvious that it is a tattoo and not your own eyebrows!

Powder/Ombre Eyebrows

Another form of eyebrow permanent makeup. In Luna’s opinion, Both powder brows and eyebrow microblading are beautiful. Each individual has different skin and different preferences, which will determine which method is best for you! Generally, powder brows will require less frequent touch ups. Powder brows give off the “filled in- makeup” look, while microblading simply places hair where you don’t have it, in order to give you the brow design that is best for your face. In Luna’s opinion, some people look more natural with microblading, and some look more natural with a powder brow. In each appointment she will discuss the two with the client and then the both of you will decide which method is the best for you!