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At Wafa Brows and Permanent Makeup, we aim to deliver the highest quality of beauty services to each and every individual who walks through our door, and to make the experience a magical one! The goal is always to use our services to accentuate YOUR best features and make your natural beauty pop! Using 20+ years of knowledge and experience, we will customize the perfect beauty enhancing plan for you. Whether it’s Brow design, microblading, powder brows, Lip Blush, Eyeliner, facial treatments, or all of the above, we are positive you will leave our clinic happy!

Meet Wafa

Wafa is the founder and creative director behind every set of eyebrows that leave the shop. Wafa’s love for eyebrows sprouted when she was only 16 years old when she was just correcting her friend’s eyebrows, not knowing this was her gift and passion. She would spend her free time drawing and painting as art has always been one of her biggest interests. When she moved to the U.S. in 2000, she started studying medical aesthetics. She learned everything from haircuts and styles to laser hair removal. After years of learning and working in the industry, she started to realize that she was gravitating towards eyebrow designing because her skills were undeniable. It became a saying locally to have “Wafa Brows” From there she started to focus mainly on eyebrow design and stopped offering many of the other services she offered. Her two passions, art and eyebrows, were intertwined when she decided to combine her artistic eye with the science of Permanent Makeup and really focus on creating the perfect eyebrow shape. She now helps women all over the world wake up more confident without the need for makeup or tedious beauty procedures!


Meet Luna – Permanent Make-Up Specialist

Luna is the Permanent makeup specialist at Wafa Brows, and also Wafa’s daughter! Luna began her career at a very young age of 15, always shadowing and assisting Wafa. Over the years she grew a passion for beauty and facial aesthetics, especially permanent makeup. She has taken multiple courses and extensive training in permanent makeup, but found her true gift through her years of experience. Through the years, she has developed her own way of doing things. Client’s claim to have wonderful, painless experiences and say that she has the softest touch. Luna believes that permanent makeup should look like makeup, not like a tattoo. It should be undetectable, a little secret that makes you look prettier! Luna has an artistic eye, bringing out the best of you!


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