eyeliner example close up

Eyelash enhancement

A straight line tattooed in between your eyelashes. This causes your eyelashes to appear thicker at the root and gives your eye depth. This is the type of procedure that nobody will be able to tell you had anything done, you will simply just look better! We love this procedure because it is super subtle, yet has so much power! An Eyelash enhancement is the base of any and all eyeliner tattoos.


Eyelash Enhancement $500

Stardust Eyeliner

A soft wing with a few sprinkles of stardust added to the eyelash enhancement. This tattoo is also super subtle but is for those who want a little more than an eyelash enhancement. This style gives the look of soft makeup.


Stardust Eyeliner $650
close up of eyeliner

Stardust Shadow Eyeliner Tattoos

The Queen of eyeliners! This style of tattoo has nice wing and a gradient shadow look. It is a strong look while still looking natural and smoothly sitting on the face. Some clients like to add a little bit of blue or green stardust to really make their eyes pop!


Stardust Shadow Eyeliner $850

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