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Saline Tattoo Removal Boca Raton

Tattoo removal is often needed if a client has had previous work done, that we cannot cover up. We achieve beauty through our techniques by tattooing very subtly and naturally. If a client has a permanent makeup tattoo that was done incorrectly, too deep, the ink is too heavy, or an undesired design – tattoo removal is necessary before we are able to work our magic!

There are a few types of removal: Laser Tattoo Removal, Saline Tattoo Removal, or we have seen some artists use acids to try and extract ink from the skin.

Laser is a good option, but the only problem is it would remove any remaining hair in the area as well. If a client is looking to do removal on their brow area and already has no hair in the area, laser would be a good option. If the client has hair in the area, we wouldn’t recommend laser because this would kill the hair. Having hair in your brow area compliments the permanent makeup and helps to make it look natural and more beautiful, so we want to save those precious hairs!

We wouldn’t recommend going with any acid extraction type of removal because we have seen others have it done elsewhere, and it very often scars the skin.

Saline is a great option because we can keep our hair, remove the tattoo, and avoid scarring the skin! This is done by tattooing a special saline solution into the tattoo area. The salt in the solution will cause your body to push the ink to the surface. This will form a scab. The client must leave the area as dry as possible until the scab lifts on its own. Most clients complete the scabbing process within 7-10 days, so we always have to plan these sessions in times where you have no big plans!

Often times multiple sessions of removal will be needed, and this varies by each person and their tattoo. 4 weeks are needed between sessions.

Removal is our final option if we cannot cover up your old tattoo. We will always try to go around this route if possible to save you both money and time, This is why it is so important to research your artist the first time around!

If you do have old permanent makeup and wish to have permanent makeup done by us, we will need to see you for a consultation to assess the old work and see if it is workable!

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Regular Price  $250/session