Many services or goods in life are not impacted by the quality of the person serving you. When it comes to working with a cosmetic professional, who you choose is critical to the quality of care that you receive and whether you are satisfied with the results. Choosing the right permanent makeup artist in Palm Beach County is especially important, but how do you know someone is good? Permanent makeup is still a somewhat new trend in the United States and unlike other cosmetic services such as cutting hair there aren’t nearly as many people performing the service.

Here’s 3 things to consider when choosing a permanent makeup artist in Palm Beach County.

1 – Check Their Credentials

It seems obvious, but this isn’t the first thing people look for. Most cosmetic technicians grow their clientele by word of mouth. Word of mouth is a great indication that someone is at least doing a decent job, but is it optimal? No.

Credentials help differentiate hobbyists from professionals. The difference is adaptability. A licensed professional will able to accommodate virtually every need that you have, and their effort towards getting proper licenses shows a level of commitment to offering a top-quality service. Service isn’t just limited to the result of your microblading session, but also how you are treated from start to finish.

When you come to Wafa Brows, you can rest assured that you will be receiving services from someone with an array of diplomas and certificates relating to the administration of many professional cosmetic services including microblading, 3D makeup, chemical peels, deep tissue facials, LED light therapy, and more.

2 – Check their Reviews Online

After looking into credentials, reviews are the next step. How is the establishment reviewed? Reviews can be somewhat misleading, as with something as highly subjective as a person’s appearance there are bound to be people who get exactly what they asked for and are still disappointed with it.

This only serves to make an overall review score more reliable though. Ask anyone who runs a business where the product isn’t cut and dry—such as places that serve food. Even if everything is done perfectly, someone may still be upset.

Through providing high level service and having a truly great clientele, Wafa Brows is proud to have a 4.9 star rating on our Google Business Listing.

3 – Go With Your Gut – Book a Consultation

No matter what someone’s credentials are or what the rave reviews say, ultimately, you have to feel comfortable with the experience. Wherever you choose to go, book a consultation—they’re typically free, and if they’re not, that’s a huge red flag!

When you come in for a consultation, ask as many questions as you’d like. Any professional worth their salt will be happy to answer your questions and help you feel comfortable with receiving their services. Never go with someone who rushes you or makes you feel like your reservations are a nuisance—this is your face and appearance we’re talking about!

Permanent Makeup Artist Palm Beach County

Wafa Brows has been providing services such as permanent makeup in Palm Beach County for many years. Throughout our history, we’ve truly learned how to go above and beyond what our clients expect from us to provide stellar results. Permanent makeup—or microblading, can create incredible results with the right artists behind the design.

The benefits of microblading over doing your eyebrows every day are numerous.

For more information, contact Wafa Brows today to book a consultation online or simply ask a question over the phone. We look forward to hearing from you soon!