History has had its fair share of fashion and grooming trends that dictated whether people should do one thing or another. Sometimes it has meant that being heavier in weight was a more attractive physical feature, while nowadays people lose their hair over trying to stay as thin as possible. Eyebrows have enjoyed a range of different procedures to achieve different styles and looks. However, that can be confusing for someone who is looking to achieve a certain result but are unsure of the best way to do so. “Should I get my eyebrows threaded or microbladed?” is a common question we hear and often see on the net. This post is for those wondering about the differences between eyebrow threading and microblading.

Threading is a Centuries Old Technique

Threading truly is a wonderful way to shape and embolden your eyebrows. It is a centuries old tradition that only found its way into the mainstream culture of American beauty and grooming in the past decade or two.

Such old practices are hard to nail down in their origins and the exact timing of when they began, but many believe this practice to be at least 5000 to 6000 years old and originating in India and Iran. In Persia, the practice often signified a woman’s emergence into adulthood.

Eyebrow threading is a process by which a skilled technician uses a thread that has a twisted cross-section to grab hair and pull it out of the root. Threading is:

  • Precise
  • Non-invasive
  • Cost-effective
  • A total brow solution as compared to spot picking with tweezing

Those who get threading done will potentially experience some temporary redness after the threading is done, but it will subside within an hour or two. Breakouts are something that anyone who is getting threading done should watch out for. After the hair is threaded and your newly shaped brows are proudly facing the world, consider that the areas where there was once hair are now fully exposed for the first time. Those pores will be wide open and susceptible to dirt and bacteria, so avoid touching your eyebrows too much without cleaning your hands.

Overall, threading achieved major popularity for a reason. It’s a great way to get your brows shaped! However, like most treatments involved with removing hair, the hair will grow back after a few weeks, so appointments at least once a month are standard.

Microblading Compared to Threading

While microblading—otherwise known as permanent makeup is not a new innovation, like threading, it was once a niche cosmetic procedure relegated to people who have suffered from some unfortunate mishap with their eyebrows.

Nowadays, there is a lot more information and exposure on the procedure and it has become one of the hottest treatments for getting sharp eyebrows that are ready all day, all year. Permanent makeup itself has many cosmetic uses outside of your eyebrows.

Microblading is the process of using a pen to artfully tattoo incredibly fine lines to supplement the shape and look of your eyebrows. The benefits of microblading are as follows:

  • Costlier, but lasts much longer compared to threading alone
  • Can create shapes that aren’t possible or difficult to achieve with threading or other methods
  • Can save you a great deal of time in your daily beauty regimen

If we had to sum up the differences: eyebrow threading takes away hair to create shape and form and microblading can add shape to create form.

So which should you get? It depends on your unique set of brows and what your aesthetic goals are! However, who said you had to pick one? You can always get both done depending on the look you are striving for.

Microblading and Eyebrow Threading in Boca Raton

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Wafa has no shortage of certifications and has been happily beautifying Boca Raton and South Florida for many years now.

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