You have undoubtedly seen many trends come and go. In art, in fashion, and many other avenues. The same is true of eyebrows, skinny eyebrows, thick eyebrows, eyebrows shaped in a particular way. Natural, sharp, you name it, it’s been done when it comes to eyebrows. Microblading stands above those trends though; microblading treatment is hot right now and will continue to be a viable method to achieve the eyebrows of your dreams!

What is a Microblading?

Microblading is a style of permanent makeup that can give you a shape or presence that would be difficult to achieve through other means. It can be used to shape your eyebrows or to fill them out. Wafa Brows can tell you firsthand how hot this procedure is! While it is exploding in popularity in the United States, it has actually been a highly popular treatment in other countries for quite some time now.

Many people are put off by the idea of tattooed eyebrows, but they’ve got it all wrong! They’re imagining old styles of tattooing eyebrows that were imperfect and did not have the more refined look that modern-day microblading can provide.

What Makes a Modern Microblading treatment Different?

Today’s microblading is achieved through using a handheld tool that is much like a pen, but it has extremely fine needles on the end that are used to impart pigment into the skin to create the “tattoo” if you will. The needles are so fine that the etchings they create on your brow look exactly like hairs, except that the person wielding the tool has a ton of control over what your end result looks like.

Microblading is considered semi-permanent because the look will last anywhere from 12 months to 3 years in most cases depending on lifestyle factors.

Need A Consultation?

Like with any tool, how well your results turn out will depend on how skilled the person who is performing your microblading treatment is. We exercise a lot of care when we consider who we let cut our hair, but when it comes to microblading, a fair chunk of clients that come to us are those who have had microblading done previously elsewhere and were disappointed or—in some cases, outright furious at the results!

It may be because the person doing their treatment wasn’t skilled enough, but it could also be that they weren’t attentive enough and didn’t listen to what their client wanted before they took the pen to them.

For that reason, when you get microblading done at Wafa, we spend a LOT of time consulting about what type of look you want to achieve down to the last detail. We want you to feel absolutely comfortable with the process and knowing that we are here to get you the results you desire.

Another reason for this lengthy consultation process is because we do NOT use stencils or any other premade means of measuring. We do all of our work custom/freehand because at the end of the day, faces are not even remotely symmetrical. There are a lot of differences in most people’s faces from side to side, to stencil out something the same for both sides is asking for a lopsided result.

Microblading Eyebrows in Boca Raton

Do you want the best possible results for your microblading treatment? Come to Wafa Brows in Boca Raton! Wafa began her artistic career as an oil painting artist, but after continually helping her friends with their eyebrow corrections, she realized that she not only had a talent but also a passion for medical esthetics!

Many years, many certificates, and many clients later, Wafa Brows is one of the most well-reviewed and visited places in South Florida for permanent makeup treatments.

Contact us to book an appointment for a free consultation or give us a call at (561)-501-1068. We hope to see you soon!