As a permanent makeup—or microblading, has steadily grown in popularity since its introduction into the United States. Getting your eyebrows done routinely is a joy for some and a chore for others. There’s more to it than that, though. Many grooming needs are routine experiences that are elevated from their position as weekly or monthly must-haves to art forms by the incredible stylists and technicians who perform them.

For example, what was once a practical need to cut hair or keep it short was radically changed by individuals all over the world who saw hair as a canvas to developing style. Even in otherwise grim pre-modern times, things such as art and style existed alongside the routine violence of our history.

Likewise, when we provide microblading in Palm Beach County at Wafa Brows, we believe eyebrow shaping is not just a need for those who want to look their best, but also a form of art that can drastically alter someone’s appearance. Here’s why:

Is Permanent Makeup an Art Form?

We think so! Permanent makeup is an art form for at the very least a few reasons we will get into. A person who specializes in microblading is called a permanent makeup artist for a reason—many do not know this, but a permanent makeup artist must be a licensed tattoo artist before they can even work. So, if you ever felt unsure of getting microblading done, don’t worry! You’re in good, licensed hands–especially at Wafa Brows, where Wafa has many certifications under her belt.

What makes something an art form? Maybe there is a strict definition out there, but to us, art is defined by creative expression. Creative expression chiefly requires 3 things:

An Eye for Detail

Why is it that some hair stylists are better than others? It can at times be technical ability, but the basics of cutting hair aren’t too difficult to grasp, it’s the attention to detail that matters the most. Similarly, for the eyebrow technician and microblader, having an artistic eye for details is incredibly important for the fine work of shaping a person’s eyebrows.

Microblading involves blending pigmentation with existing hairs to create a subtle but enhanced effect. Many times, clients come in that aren’t entirely sure how they want their eyebrows styled, but they’re hoping you can deliver impressive results by knowing what looks good for them.

This is where having an artistic vision helps and we believe that it is one of the main reasons why we have so many long-term customers. If they ever want to try something new or something bold, we are always here to consult and most importantly—execute on that vision.

Technical Ability

Microblading requires excellent hand-eye coordination in conjunction with our first point of knowing what looks good. The eyebrows are the curtains to the eyes, which are often dubbed the windows to the soul. When we speak to to others, we look into their eyes, but we’re also noticing their eyebrows too.

Any slight error when doing someone’s eyebrows can dramatically change their look. This is simply the inverse of the positive outcome where slight changes can truly make your eyebrows look incredible for your face shape and eyes. The margin between success and failure can be slim for your microblading technician, another reason why you should find someone who is skilled and experienced. Need help knowing what to look for? We’ve got you covered.

Understanding Proportions

Each point in this post nods at the most crucial element of creating beautiful eyebrows relative to the person who is wearing them—proportions. We asked the question, what makes something art? There are many answers to that, but classically, one of the most important elements of a given art piece was its respect to proportions.

The meaning of proportion is to describe how different the different pieces of art relate to one another. Your eyebrows provide a major contributing factor to the overall proportions of your face—but that’s not all! If we consider the face as a piece of art, where would the focal point of the piece be? Most people would say the eyes, but have you ever seen someone with their eyebrows shaved off?

The eyebrows frame the eyes and therefore the rest of the face to be the magnificent work of art that it is.

Permanent Makeup Artist Boca Raton

So is permanent makeup a form of art? Of course it is!

If you are seeking eyebrow services such as threading, waxing, or microblading, Wafa Brows would love to help you bring out your best looks through our dedication to the art.

Contact us today to set up an appointment or consultation for microblading in Palm Beach County so that we can discuss what your goals are!